Our Custom knitted jumpers are everywhere

Our President Trump jumper grabbed some media headlines. Why not make an impact by creating your own exclusive custom knitted christmas jumper? As our knitted jumpers have not been pre-made and everything is custom, you can be as creative as you'd like to be with designs-that even includes faces!




As the knitted jumpers we make are all completely custom (the jumpers haven't been pre-made), this allows for the design to go absolutely anywhere-there are no restrictions like there is with print. You can put the designs anywhere you like-front, back and sleeves too!


Custom Socks

Custom Socks are great for any occasion! Use them to showcase your brand's identity and message. The socks we make are fully custom and woven so therefore they are not printed , making them a premium quantity product-perfect for gifting to clients, fans or selling to customers. 

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Custom Knitted hats

We make awesome custom knitted hats here at Roody Originals. The hats are made entirely from scratch-the same as the jumpers! That means, nothing has been pre-made so we won't just print or embroider your design on to a hat-everything is knitted. The design can go anywhere on the hat-front and back or front only if you prefer. There is an amazing bobble on top to match the colors of the hat and a heat protector inside.